And Then This Happened

So since my last update I was getting ready to head out on vacation out of the country, I was going to do an update before I left but I never got around to it. I was suppose to leave on vacation on Wednesday January 14th and I was wicked excited about it. On Monday January 12th I was working at my internship, like every Monday, and I was leaving a client’s home (remember I am a mental health counseling intern)….whelp while leaving my client’s home I missed the last step outside and landed on my ankle funky. I had to take a wonderful ambulance ride to the closest hospital and found out I had broken my ankle. I figured it would be easy, cast me up and I would get to go on vacation and leave my foot up while soaking up the sun. But of course wouldn’t you guess it they told me I needed surgery to put a plate in and it was definitely suggested whether I had the surgery immediately or not that I not get on an airplane.

So to recap I’ve had surgery on my ankle, been laid up with no weight-bearing, haven’t been to work or my internship, and I never got to go on vacation! So I have been so miserable that I haven’t done too much of anything besides watch tv and stay snuggled up on my sofa, I have not even put my etsy shop back on-line because I have no idea how I would get any orders to the post office.

But yesterday I had my staples taken out and was placed into a boot, which is still not weight-bearing but still allows me more freedom. And now that I am cleared to go back to work I am feeling much better about things and decided to get back into the swing of life. wpid-wp-1422662348966.jpg I’ll be putting my etsy shop back on-line this evening and will start making more frequent updates here.

While I have been down and out I finished that oversized blanket that I posted here before and I finished another blanket for a co-worker’s cat….yes that is correct it was for her cat. She had a blanket specific for her cat and her cat to snuggle in, it got dismantled so she asked for me to make her one. Here is the finished product:


I love this pattern so much that I am actually working on another blanket as a present for my friend using this pattern, though the blanket I am doing for my friend is in a single color. I will post that once I am finished.

Anyways that is my saga for now and please forgive me for the lack of updates in these past weeks, I promise to get more into it.


Wicked Overdue Update

Hi world, sorry for the delay in this update, I definitely meant to do it sooner things have just been crazy with my internship and work. So on with the show no more dilly-dallying!

So I have added a couple of new items to my shop (remember I said I was going to so that is why I did the coupon?!). We have an awesomely cute lion.20141224_104336

A couple of insects, a bumble bee and ladybug! 20141224_104519 20141224_104329

And a baby blanket. This blanket is done with supersoft Bernat Pipsqueak yarn and depending on how the colors work it can either look like stars (like in the photos) or flowers! starblanket starclose

So I have also been working on that other blanket that I have mentioned previously, remember the one with that odd color I was not too fond of but somehow almost everyone else likes it? Whelp here is a picture of the blanket so you can see what you think of the color!

wpid-wp-1420442254431.jpeg It is almost done, as it sits now it is approximately 4ft x 6ft and I have used 7 skeins (balls) of Bernat Blanket yarn (the large balls of it). The purchaser would like it a bit bigger, originally asking for 6ft x 6ft so I am hopefully going to get a chance tomorrow to make a purchase of a few more skeins so I can finish it off!


The last thing I wanted to update on was that even though I received a thank you from Children’s Hospital when I dropped off the box of stuffed animals, yesterday I received a thank you card in the mail. It was actually quite nice because it was a personalized note not just some computer generated thank you. I wanted to post a picture of it here but I forgot to take it and I am at work right now, so maybe I will get it up here later on today.

So thanks for listening to my rambling and have a great night!

Wolf/Unicorn Hybrid and Coupon

So I mentioned a few days ago that I was working on a wolf/unicorn hybrid. Whelp it is finally finished and hopefully will be shipped off to its new owner in a few days.

wolf/unicorn back view wolf/unicorn

Like I had mentioned previously he based off of another pattern for a unicorn I love doing! I switched up the ears and obviously the colors to make them more wolf-like. What do you guys think? Do you have any other suggestions to make him more wolf-like, or if you asked for something similar would you expect something a bit different? I always love hearing other people’s ideas as I am not one who usually wanders too far away from patterns.

So if you are still reading I also mentioned at the top that I was going to offer a coupon to you guys. So if you go to my etsy site (HERE) you can use this coupon code for 20% off your purchase. This code does not have an expiration as of right now, this might get updated later. A main reason I want to offer this discount is because of the fact I am going to be raising prices soon, only a few dollars but to help with the shipping costs. The other reason is to thank those of you who have taken the time to read this blog and like my ramblings!

So here it is the coupon code is: BLOG2015 . Wicked easy, right? Keep an eye out as I do plan on adding a few items that I have been tweaking (minion, lion, dogs, etc). Let me know if there is something you would like to see in my shop or if you would like to me a special order please message me, I am always up for trying something new. Thanks everyone!

Nothing to do with Nothing

So this is just a blah update since I wasted my day catching up on sleep (no sleep in over 36hrs killed me) and then made dinner and now about to head back to bed! Wait….it is only 8:45pm you say?? Yup pretty sure I hit that wall where I can no longer stay up late anymore! I hit 30 and it was all down hill from there, I can only imagine what 31 will bring me in a few months!

Anyways off of that tirade on a road leading to nowhere. So I know I had mentioned that I was going to post an update on a blanket I am working on….well I gots nothing for you! I was so tired last night at work that when I left at 8am I did not bring the blanket home to work on and why would I take a picture of it why I was at work?!? Don’t ask ridiculous questions! But this blanket is going to be huge. It is 6ft long and it will be 6ft tall by the time I finish…..if I finish. So far it has taken 7 skeins of “Bernat Blanket Big Ball,” and it is maybe a little more than halfway finish. One thing is for sure if I was doing this for myself I wouldn’t be making it so large and in such an ugly color….funny part is that most people love the color (it is a variegated brown/tan/gray, wicked weird).

I was about to start working on a special order from a guy who asks me almost once a year to make a stuffed animal for his girl. I do this rendition of Agnes’ ragged unicorn from Despicable Me (it is the first one that gets incinerated). He asks for a cross-over/hybrid of this unicorn with other animals. I’ve done a skeleton one, giraffe/unicorn, cow/unicorn and now he is asking for a wolf/unicorn hybrid.

agnes' unicorn skeleton unigiraffe UniCow

But after writing this post I am not going to start working on it, I am going back to bed, because now it is wicked late-9pm! I am going to work on it tomorrow, probably get it finished before the end of the day so I can attempt to stay up and ring in the New Year!

Hope everyone has a great night and thanks for reading!

Quick Update

I just wanted to do a quick update before heading to bed,  since my plan is to do a post a day if I can.  During my shift last night I continued working on a blanket (update later on tonight).  When I got home today I finished making a baby cocoon and cap that looks like a bear!  🐻  it is wicked cute. 
See –>


Baby cocoon

I don’t know why it is sideways and cannot figure out how to fix it on my phone.  But anyways inside the cocoon is a Frankenstein I made for Halloween that is the perfect baby size!

I think these cocoons are absolutely adorable and I have a few more patterns for different ones.  So this will probably be something see in my Etsy shop a little bit down the road.

So I am off to bed,  gotta be to work in a few hours. Thanks for taking a look!

To Children’s Hospital

So today my friend and I made the trek up to Boston Children’s Hospital to donate a box of handmade crochet stuffies by yours truly!  I always feel so good doing things like this and I don’t care about the recognition I just care that the stuffies get a good home with a deserving child!


Children's Hospital Boston

The front of Children’s.  I didn’t want to take any pics inside because it just felt weird since we didn’t make it past the front desk.


Box of donated stuffies

My box of donated animals filled right up to the top.  I think it was upwards of a dozen stuffies!

I just wanted to share this trip with everyone.  I hope to continue to make many more.  It is definitely cheaper for me to drive up there then to mail a giant box.  Plus I feel I can actually see it getting there and going to where it should go to.  Maybe I don’t hand deliver them to the children,  but I feel knowing that they are there in safe hands (and not lost in the mail) they will get to where they need to be!

First Time Blog!

This is my first time blogging here on WordPress. This blog is for my site and so everyone can see what I am working on, my future items to be for sale and anything else related to my “company. ”

Incase you have stumbled upon here and don’t know about me let me give you a bit of insight.  I am a crocheting emergency dispatcher from Massachusetts.  I work overnight shifts in my quiet little town so I fill in the dead space by crocheting!  Of course it isn’t the only thing I do,  I am also in the process of getting my masters in mental health counseling.  So I am a busy busy girl!

My crocheting endeavor took a life of its own when I decided to start trying to sell the items I made.  I usually make stuffed animals,  but have also ventured into making blankets and scarves…. But definitely love making stuffies.  But since I do this as a time filler and not a profit maker I decided that for every stuffed animal bought I would make another one to be donated to Boston Children’s Hospital.

So here is hoping to a long,  fun time here and many many posts.  Please leave comments,  ask questions,  or shoot me an email.  I will always respond.  And please bear with me as I flounder my way around here!